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Conquer Large Metal AM Plates: 600mm Pivot Fixture & Mounting Base for Safe, Efficient Cut-Off.

Handling, flipping and safely mounting 600mm build platforms has quickly evolved into a time killer and safety issue many shops didn’t see coming with the break through of larger metal AM printersfrom Velo3D and SLM in recent years. Working with our customers EDM...

Megavise Build Plate Fixture: The Easy-to-Use Clamping Solution for EDM Cut Off

The Megavise 0-12.5 is the best selling and easiest to use clamping fixture on the market for holding metal AM platforms for EDM cut off. The vise is designed to be extremely versatile with adjustable support feet and movable clamping jaw to fit any sized plate. The...

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Explore the HB Series Moly Cut Tech Video Series for hands-on insights and educational content. Unlock the secrets of molybdenum cutting technology through our concise and informative video episodes.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned enthusiast, these videos provide valuable knowledge on maximizing efficiency and precision in your cutting processes.

Join us on this journey to master the HB Series Moly Cut Tech, and enhance your skills with each engaging episode.

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How EDM Wire Cutting Works

How EDM Wire Cutting Works

In the realm of precision machining, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) wire cutting has emerged as a cutting-edge technology that is redefining the way manufacturers approach precision engineering. In this blog post, we will...

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