Megavise Build Plate Fixture: The Easy-to-Use Clamping Solution for EDM Cut Off

The Megavise 0-12.5 is the best selling and easiest to use clamping fixture on the market for holding metal AM platforms for EDM cut off. The vise is designed to be extremely versatile with adjustable support feet and movable clamping jaw to fit any sized plate.

The vise is manufactured from either steel or stainless steel depending on its application location being a brass or moly cut EDM machine. 1” thick vise body and robust 8mm threads throughout the vise ensure both a stable and long-lasting fixture.

Mounting the system in the machine is quick and easy using the 3 slotted mounting holes at the back of the vise and the supplied posts. We offer this system in both M8 and M10 table bolt configurations and allow enough room in the mounting slots to fit nearly any table bolt pattern. Once mounted the vise is laser marked with a ruler to pre-set your movable jaw to a workable range for your part or build plate. Mounting a plate take seconds, simply set the plate on the support feet and tighten the clamping jaw. Fixtured in seconds! The support feet care the weight while the clamp keeps it in place resulting in a very secure fixture. There is also M5 threaded holes on the movable jaw for custom safety catches if your parts require it.

There are extra options available for the system as well to further increase its usability. We
have a 400mm extension that allows the fitment of larger 400mm build plates. If you require vertical
alignments for your parts there is also an adjustable leveling base available, all vises are pre-drilled for
both the 400mm extension and the leveling base to be added at any time.

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