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The HB Series Moly Cut Wire EDM is an all-new machine tool that challenges the limits in both capabilities and reliability in the fast wire EDM category. Drastically reducing EDM costs, increasing cutting speeds, and simplifying machine operation. Let’s get burning!

Revolutionizing Precision

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Discover the Future of Machining with Moly Cut EDM – an innovation that redefines cost-efficiency, easy maintenance, and superior cutting performance. Dive into the advantages, from drastic cost reduction to unparalleled precision in tall and thin cutting conditions.

Cost Reduction

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Thin Cutting

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HB Series Moly Cut Wire EDM

Challenging the Limits

Moly Cut Reimagined

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Optimized Efficiency

Achieve increased EDM performance coupled with drastically reduced costs – a winning combination for any shop!

Simplified Maintenance

Experience easy upkeep with our machine’s drastically reduced parts and simplified design, minimizing downtime.

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Experience unparalleled customer satisfaction with our trusted sales and tech support, proudly based in the USA. Our dedicated team ensures your journey with our cutting-edge machines is supported by expertise and reliability, setting us apart as a trusted partner in your manufacturing success.

How Moly Cut EDM Works:

Unlock unparalleled efficiency!

Unlike brass EDM, our HB Moly Cut EDM utilizes the same 300 meters of wire for the entire 20-50 hour cutting cycle, achieving rapid spooling and debris flushing at under $1.00 per hour. Increased EDM Performance + Drastically Reduced Cost = Win, Win for any shop!

Case Studies

Moly Cut Wire EDM In Action