Conquer Large Metal AM Plates: 600mm Pivot Fixture & Mounting Base for Safe, Efficient Cut-Off.

Handling, flipping and safely mounting 600mm build platforms has quickly evolved into a time killer and safety issue many shops didn’t see coming with the break through of larger metal AM printers
from Velo3D and SLM in recent years. Working with our customers EDM Performance Accessories has
designed, tested and built a fixture specifically for these large plates to increase efficiency and safety during the cut off process.

The fixture consists of 3 main parts. The Pivot Table, Sub-Fixture, and Machine Fixture. These parts all work together to properly hold and control these heavy build platforms during the cut off process. Coming it at over 600lbs of steel all machined and precision ground this fixture means business and is designed to handle the heavy massive parts these printers and produce!

The Sub-Fixture was designed to be both highly ridged and modifiable depending on if the fixture is being used for VeloXC or NXG600 plates, or both! This sub-fixture has a couple important jobs.

Starting with the Pivot Table. This has a base of a 10,000lb capability steel assembly table.

Mounted on top is 3 leveling pads. The top 2 pads level and support the sub-fixture, the bottom pad has the pivot pin. The pivot pin is a solid 2” diameter precision shaft mounted to the blot using 6 M10 bolts.
It also features a safety pin at the end of the shaft to ensure your sub fixture can’t slide off until its supposed to. Lastly the table has a 4,800lb safety chain to support the sub fixture during the flipping process. If the load becomes forward heavy un-expectedly, the chain will catch it not allowing it much past 90 degrees on the pivot pin.

First it allows easy flat mounting and alignment of the build plate and has pre-drilled and taped mounting holes to secure the plate in position. Its also has alignment guides that get the plate within .100” of its intended position for mounting. Second the Sub-fixture is what engaged the pivot table to allow a safe and controlled flip to a vertical position. Once balanced and virtical the entire assembly will simply slide off the pivot pin. Lastly the Sub-Fixture features our innovative taper lock technology. This allows the Sub-Fixture to simply be lowered onto the machine mounting base and it will pull itself in and
self-align. No bolts or machine alignment required!

The last piece to our 600mm Build Plate Fixturing System is the machine mount. This innovative mount has the receiving posts for our taper lock technology.

Mounting a 1000lb+ plate is now safer and easier than ever. Visual alignment is all that is needed to get the Sub-Fixture to engage and then simply lower the Sub-Fixture into the table lock. Operators never need to be in the machine or in danger trying to mount these heavy parts. Once finished the plate can released from the taper with a M14 bolt directly below the fixture and then simply lifted out.

To learn more or talk to one of our tooling specialist reach out our support team below.